In preparation for Service, we first confess our sins, and receive Christ's absolution.  Then in the Liturgy of the Word we sing the Gloria, pray the Collect, and hear the Holy Scriptures read.  Then we confess our faith according to the Nicene Creed.  We sing a hymn and listen to God's Word as it is expounded from the pulpit.  We sing the offertory, and share the peace, and have an offering, and stand for prayer. 
The Liturgy of Sacrament, or the Lord's Supper, comes as the climax to the Service.  We say the Common Preface and Prayer and we sing the Sanctus, and pray the Our Father.  Then the Pastor says the Words of Institution, and we sing the Agnus Dei.  Here is where our Lord comes to us in His very own body and blood, and He personally and collectively gives us the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and salvation He won for us through His cross and resurrection.

"This is my body...this is my blood"  - Matthew 26:26-27

When we parktake of communion, it is not only a time to recieve God's gifts but also a public confession of our beliefs. Therefore, only those Christians whose public confession is the same as ours are invited to partake with us at the Lord's Table. For those Christians whose public confession is not the same as ours, we give thanks to God for the shared faith and salvation in Jesus Christ and pray for a time when all outward divisions cease.

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