2012 Ysleta Lutheran Mission Team (updates posted below)

Greetings all,

We left Vergas at 6:33am and we thank all who came to send us off. It meant allot to see your support and know that you will be praying for us as our journey unfolds. This yearís missionaries are Dylan Kruzel, Sherri Hanson, Christian Hinckley, Pastor Hinckley, Chelsey Dahl, Ashley Neu, Mike Lehmann, Kyle Lehmann, Kayla Quittschreiber, Zach Lahr, Myron and Sonya Gunderson. And joining us on Saturday in El Paso, John Richter.

Our first day travels took us approx. 680 miles to Salina, KS where we stayed at Christ the King Church. We expierenced temps as high as 105degrees.  Our trip took us thru Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and finally in Kansas. Our second day tacked on another 650 miles and we are in Edgewood, New Mexico just outside Albuquerque at the Good Shepherd Church.  Again temps exceeded 100 degrees and at one stop in Oklahoma we were told it hit 109 the day before. We included a few more states as we left Kansas, into Oklahoma, Texas and finally New Mexico.

Even today, we are amazed at the Interstate System below us!

 Sunday - what a busy day for all, we attended the first English service, was commissioned and participated in Holy Communion. It was followed by Bible Study which just happened that they were studying a chapter each Sunday starting with Genisis 1. They have been working on if tor almost 2 years and were in Exodus studing the Tabernacle. So Pastor Hinckley was able to assit, draw diagrams with the help of Mike Lehmann.  Afterwards we attended the Spanish service and all were surprised at the slower pace, more participation and everyone "shared the pease" with all of us.

Those with passports left for Mexico at 2:30 to attend services at San Lucas in Anapra. We all got a taste of the energy that the Sunday School kids had.  One young girl wanted to take Mike L. home with her - but we brought him back.

                                   Sunday School Pictures in Anapra, Mexico


Monday - the Mexico team, Chelsey, Mike, Kyle, Pastor, Christian, Sherri, Ashley, John and Myron left for our project. We thought we woudl be building a 12ft X 24ft house, but the Mexican way has being flexible and our project changed to building the same size house - but as a second story. The main house had a fire, but the walls and foundation were good. So the thing to do is to build the house on top of it. Everyone worked hard and got allot done. We were also visited by several kids and Martha who we had in VBS and talked with during services back when she was 4 or 5. Today she is 11 and studing to play guitiar and loves to sing in the church.

Mexico Project:

The second team, Kayla, Dylan, Zach and Sonya went with a group of 11 from Trinty Lutheran Church from Toledo, Ohio. The home they are working on is for a family of 6 and other mission groups have completed various stages of the house. The addition bing built will require framing, siding, roofing, hanging drywall, taping and painting. This project is in Horizon City next to Sparks.

Horizon City Project:


And to everyone's surprise - Tuesday afternoon - IT IS RAINING AT YLM!


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