Katzke Endowment

ďFrom the Fullness of His Grace we have all received one Blessing after another.Ē John 1:16

The Katzke Endowment committee of St Johnís Lutheran Church was organized in 2006 when the family of Reinhardt Katzke presented St Johnís Lutheran Church with a gift in the amount of $105,632.56.† The congregation voted to have these funds put in an endowment, with the interest to be dispersed annually.† A committee was organized, to oversee the bylaws and giving of these funds.† The Katzke Endowment committee bylaws state that funds are to be given to people and organizations that will continue with the same insight and mission goals that have been put into place by the committee.† Local missions are the focus.†

If you have suggestions of mission opportunities, prayerfully consider people and organizations to give funds to. We look forward to 2011, and the opportunity to give funds so recipients can further their work for the Lord.

Committee members for contact information are:†Jim Zelm,†Steve Bruhn, Pat Ehlke, Sherri Hanson, Diane Sonnenberg and Pastor Hinckley.

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